Nursing homes are for the elderly. So what happens when you age? Your mind is still active and inside you still feel 40 (or 50!). But the years will pass and one day you might wake up and it seems that suddenly you need help dressing, or bathing. Or, maybe it just feels like too much work to cook or keep the house as neat as it used to be.

Despite what your biological age says, you know that you’re just too young to be in a nursing home. The good news is that there are options available to seniors empowering them to be their own decision makers; and to yes, stay in their own home.

Home care empowers seniors to remain independent. I mean really! Who wants to be dependent on the schedule of a nursing home? You want your meals when you want them. You want full control over the TV remote, and to go outside for a walk when you want to go. Senior home care allows you to remain in control of your daily schedule.

Home care empowers seniors to have personalized treatment. Nursing homes are good for taking care of our loved ones when 24 hours care is needed. But these homes must consider the group as a whole, and coordinate care for the entire home population. Senior home care coordinates treatment for you only, for your individual needs. There is no waiting your turn for help with a shower, or for your daily medications. Receiving care at home means it is all about you.

Home care empowers seniors by keeping families together. Whether you’ve been married for 50 years, or just found the love of your life 10 years ago, you are not going to want to leave your spouse for a nursing home. Senior home care allows you to remain at home with your family, to continue your routines and habits that have been established over the years that bring comfort to your day.

Home care empowers seniors by reducing stress. Because your family is kept together, the aging process becomes less stressful. Home health care tends to cost less than nursing home care, which reduces the financial stress on the family. Simply remaining in your own home is less stressful than the fiasco of selling the home, and moving your entire life into a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Home care empowers the entire family to have confidence and peace of mind throughout the aging process. As your needs change, so can the level of care provided at home change. Senior home care can begin as simply as housekeeping and meal preparation. Over the years, help with bathing a few times per week, dressing, exercise, and even companionship may be needed. For families with loved ones miles away, knowing that there is a senior home health provider brings peace of mind. The quality of providers who work the home health care industry are typically higher than the average facility employee. Meaning, most home health care workers view their profession as a calling, rather than just a job. Therefore, the caregivers become companions of sorts, almost to the point of being extended family.

Nursing homes certainly have their place, and there may be a time when it is needed. But home health care empowers seniors to remain in their home, independent, and free to make their own choices and decision about their own care.