For many people, when the word “hospice” is mentioned, it’s a frightening thing. This form of care is associated with the final parts of a patient’s life, so it is only natural to have a little uneasiness. However, hospice is not a bad thing, and it doesn’t mean that the family or the patient is giving up; on the contrary, hospice is a form of specialized care and support to help both the patient and their loved ones. Take a look at five of the primary benefits of hospice care in Redlands.

1. Hospice Care Focuses on Creating a Familiar, Comfortable Setting for Everyone

During an interview with, Vice President of Programs for the Hospice Foundation of America, Spencer Levine stated that research has shown people prefer their final days to be spent in an environment that is comfortable and familiar. This is exactly what hospice care tries to achieve—provide care for a patient and their family that is comfortable during a time that is often sorrowful and stressful.

2. The Patient’s Wishes Are the Center of Care

When hospice is brought in to care for a patient, the patient is the center of focus. Whatever the patient prefers is what will happen, and it is easier for the patient to make decisions about what they want with the help of their family. For example, if a patient chooses to skip invasive treatments or does not want to be monitored by a nurse all day and night, these wishes are granted.

3. Care From Hospice Involves Counsel for the Whole Family
Hospice is, of course, centered around the patient. But the close family m

embers and friends are just as much a part of the process. These loved ones are in a stressful situation and facing major changes in their life and oftentimes are struggling with grief. Hospice care is just as much about offering counsel to the family as it is counseling a patient. Meetings can be arranged with professional social workers, spiritual counselors, and bereavement therapists at various stages of hospice care.

4. Hospice Creates a Comprehensive Care Plan

End-of-life care can involve a lot of different medical providers as hospice works to keep the patient comfortable, both physically and emotionally. All of this is hard to navigate without someone working in the background to create a comprehensive care plan. Hospice workers have experience with these delicate situations to make sure every level of care is planned and handled correctly.

5. Hospice Can Help Relieve Some Financial Burden of Care

During a terminal illness, there are often a lot of expenses, and patients and their families can be under financial stress. Not to mention, many people must take time off work to be with their loved one. Hospice helps lighten the load by maximizing financial assistance wherever possible, and they can even help supporting loved ones find the resources they need as well.

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